Luxury Outdoor Spaces Continue To Grow In Popularity

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Modern Luxury Interior Design: Kitchen & Bathroom Trends

Are you looking to remodel your kitchen or bathroom? Our design team gave us their professional opinion on what styles, colors, product features, materials, and technology will be popular in kitchen and bath designs for the next few years. According to our experts, people are wanting their homes to be more than just a place to live. Download our free guide for the inside scoop to help you make well-informed choices when planning your next project!

Luxury outdoor spaces are on the rise in 2022, as people continue to spend more of their free time at home, and want the outdoor spaces of their properties to accommodate more of their comfortable lifestyle. 

With the rise in popularity of cooking over the last year and a half, outdoor kitchens are expected to grow in popularity, as people continue to spend most of their free time at home. From satellite kitchens— which serve as an extension of the indoor kitchen— to independent kitchens— which, on their own, are equipped with enough appliances, sinks, and prep space to meet all the home’s cooking needs—home owners are expected to continue requesting outdoor cooking (and dining!) space for the coming year.

As outdoor activity increases, so does the need for privacy, shade, and shelter from the elements. Whether it's a secluded space to practice yoga without distraction or a place to use your laptop without harsh glare, a mix of landscaping, hardscaping, and furniture can provide protection. Additionally, look for creative applications of interior design. For example, tiled accent walls can be used to create the illusion of an outdoor room and achieve the same aesthetic as they do indoors. 

As people integrate the outdoors into everyday living, they're looking to incorporate all the technology they use on the interior of the house, as well. Activities like streaming movies and working from home have many people adding Wi-Fi boosters to amplify their wireless signal outdoors. Since most technology can be seamlessly integrated into outdoor living spaces, it's not dramatically changing the look or layout of outdoor living—unless you're one of the growing number of people creating entirely new spaces, like outdoor theaters and home offices. 

While outdoor work surfaces might be on the rise, technology isn't all about hard work. Incorporating music and televisions remain some of the top outdoor tech requests. And there are aesthetic updates, too, such as LED color-changing technology. 

Furniture, accessories, and add-ons that help you stay outside longer are an especially popular upgrade. Although products from fire pits and misters to throw blankets and outdoor fans aren't new, their usefulness in turning occasionally-used outdoor spaces into everyday living areas makes them especially popular.

All of the top outdoor living design trends for 2022 increase the comfort and usefulness of the outdoor spaces of the home, and improve the quality of outdoor living— and life— by bringing the best of the indoors outside. Click the link below to download our free guide for even more insight into next year’s top emerging trends!

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