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One Tree Pledge

Our Environment | Our Future

Michael Ziman, Owner and President of Ziman Development, is the proud founder of One Tree Pledge, a sustainability campaign for commercial and residential builders, as well as homeowners.  

Pledging to plant 1 tree for every square foot of the home, we can mitigate the carbon emissions from our home’s use of electricity and natural gas.

Every $1 donated result in 1 tree planted.

To learn more, to take the pledge or to plant trees, please visit

Consider following our initiative on Instagram @onetreepledge.

Watch or Listen to The Tree Talk 

An insightful, relevant, and meaningful webinar exploring how everyone in the real estate communities throughout the U.S. can do their part to help combat climate change and improve their company’s carbon footprint. Michael Ziman, President & CEO of Ziman Development, speaks with RESNET (Residential Energy Services Network), NEHERS (the North East Home Energy Rating System Alliance), American Forests, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center to discuss reducing carbon emissions and helping to offset embodied carbon in home building and home energy use by planting trees with One Tree Pledge, using sustainable building materials, and more.

One Tree Pledge - Press Releases


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